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The program of construction of system of system of nomograms (The additional version - without saving on a hard disk)

Open the program with an instance. Change the allocation scheme of system of nomograms and initial data. Short help on operation with the program is more low presented.

If the applet does not open, instal Java (For example, on web site the free version is offered).

Construction of system of system of nomograms (without saving on a hard disk)

Figure 1 - Original form of the panel of adjustment of parametres (at program start)

Assignment of buttons.

1. To place - to allocate alignment charts according to the circuit.

2. To inject data - To inject input datas into formulas.

3. On the score - To calculate and build graphics.

4. To refresh - to put in alternative of system of nomograms from a random-access memory.

5. To save - To write system of system of nomograms in a random-access memory.

Figure 2 - Window of the program with the builted system of system of nomograms

Assignment of button.

6.It is ready! (To generate system of alignment charts for PrintScrin in separately window) - To build system of alignment charts in a separate window for copying

Scaling coefficient - To increase to (reduce) the sizes of area of construction of system of alignment charts concerning the initial size.

Figure 3 - Right member of a window of the program with (formula) input datas.


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