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Use of integrated expression

Press the button with the integral image on the virtual keyboard. There will be the panel of input of integrated expression (look drawing).

In a text field there is an expression ing(d_,,,,) (for the sum - ing(s_,,,,)). We choose the necessary parametre by means of the left button of the mouse (dx, Xmin, Xmax, Nx – quantity of intervals, F(x)). The chosen element is allocated with green colour. We enter value of parametre. For example, for the formula ing(d_А,1,11,10,А^X) - following parametres: dx=A, Xmin=1, Xmax=11, Nx=10, F(x)=A^X. In integrated expression can contain to six integrals (or the sums). For example, ing(d_А,1,11,10,А^X*ing(d_B,2,6,4,B^X*ing(d_C,0.1,1.1,10,C^Z))). For input of additional integral (sum) press by means of the left button of the mouse free figure on panels of input of integral (sum). For transition between integrals it is used the left button of the mouse.

Example of the schedule, constructed with use of integrated expression (look drawing).

Applet with the given example. р   Tested Internet Explorer. Google Chrome does not support applets.

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